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28 July
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I have many names: Luigi, Ameli, Jaylieza, Zexion, Usagi-san, Sissy...etc. But y'all can call me "Lexi." I am female, obviously, and I happen to live in the Great US of A. Southwestern California, to be more specific. And to be even more specific, the Valley I live in is the lowest point below sea level throughout the enirety of California. :) I am an Anime/Manga nerd (Otaku), and writing and reading are like breathing and blinking to me. :) :) Cosplay is ingrained into my very being, and having fun is my Life's Goal. :) I love music and my friends, and no matter what, if you don't like something I do or say, tough cookies, only God can Judge me! And, PS, you will never hear me say I'm nice, so don't expect total kindness with every post. :) That is all, contact me (read:talk to me by message)for more info. (PS, I take requests for short fics)